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"great band . . . pleasure to watch"




Started hitting things when he was  four!! Crafted over the years to become a powerhouse drummer with excellent syncopation, tempo and groove. 

Worked with Electric Skies and Witterquick; toured with Nothing But Thieves and is the backbone of MATFIN BAND #EC3 and EVERYTHING'S COVERED #EC5


Simply put Matt The Bass is a 'tasty' bass player. If you get the chance (between dancing and singing along with the band), you should spend a few minutes listening to the grace notes and (trying) to watch the fingers when he is playing.

Matt The Bass works interactively with Joe The Drums to construct inspiration musical phrases that delight his band members and audiences alike

"didn't stop dancing . . ."

"wow - big sound for a 3-piece"

EC3 is the working core of the expanded musical units that we promote from MATFIN MUSIC.

Matthew Finnish is joined by Joe Napper (Drummer/programmer) and Matt Westlake (Bass/Vocals)


Together, they deliver a wide range of musical styles from 1960's pop to current hits and all with high energy, fabulous grooves and a big sound.

The pedigree within the band is unquestionably high and skills gained through touring, recording and session playing has given the musicians freedom and confidence to engage their audiences and present an unforgettable musical experience.

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